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miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2012


PART I: 1900-1933

1.  THE GOLDEN AGE: Mahler, Strauss, and the Fin de Siècle
2.  DOCTOR FAUST: Schoenberg, Debussy, and Atonality
3.  DANCE OF THE EARTH: The Rite, the Folk, le Jazz
4.  INVISIBLE MEN: American Composers from Ives to Ellington
5.  APPARITION FROM THE WOODS: The Loneliness of Jean Sibelius
6.  CITY OF NETS: Berlin in the Twenties

PART II: 1933-1945

7.  THE ART OF FEAR: Music in Stalin's Russia
8.  MUSIC FOR ALL: Music in FDR's America
9.  DEATH FUGUE: Music in Hitler's Germany

PART III: 1945-2000

10.  ZERO HOUR: The U.S. Army and German Music, 1945-1949
11.  BRAVE NEW WORLD: The Cold War and the Avant-Garde of the Fifties
12.  "GRIMES! GRIMES!": The Passion of Benjamin Britten
13.  ZION PARK: Messiaen, Ligeti, and the Avant-Garde of the Sixties
14.  BEETHOVEN WAS WRONG: Bebop, Rock, and the Minimalists
15.  SUNKEN CATHEDRALS: Music at Century's End

"I started working on the book in the year 2000. The title I chose for the project, The Rest Is Noise, played off Hamlet's last words ("The rest is silence") and, more widely, the perception that classical composition devolved into noise as the twentieth century went on. The book was published in October 2007 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux; the UK edition, by 4th Estate, appeared in March 2008; Picador issued a US paperback, with an expanded discography, in October 2008. Translations are available from Companhia das Letras (Brazil), Ambo / Anthos (Netherlands), Piper Verlag (Germany), Seix Barral (Spain), Bompiani (Italy), Actes Sud (France), Casa das Letras (Portugal), PIW (Poland), Modan (Israel), Misuzu Shobo (Japan), and Book21 (South Korea), and are forthcoming from Argo (Czech Republic), Algoritam (Croatia), Janis Roze (Latvia), Ast Publishing (Russia), Dost Kitabevi Yayinlari (Turkey), and Guangxi Normal University Press (China)."

Más información: http://therestisnoise.com/

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