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sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2011


David Seed
Cinematic Fictions
The Impact of the Cinema on the American Novel up to World War II
Liverpool University Press

From its very beginnings the cinema has played a special role in defining American culture. Covering the period from the 1910s up to the Second World War, Cinematic Fictions offers new insights into classics such as The Great Gatsby and The Graphes of Wrath, discussing major writers’ critical writings on film and active participation in film making. Now in a new paperback edition, Cinematic Fictions will be compulsory reading for scholars of American literature and film.

“An extremely valuable contribution to the scholarship of early Twentieth-century American literature, early cinema and American literary modernism.” 
                                                                                           Modern Language Review

The phrase “cinematic fiction” generally has been accepted into critical discourse, but usually only in the context of postwar novels. This volume examines the influence of a particular medium, film, on another, the novel, in the first half of twentieth-century American literature. Offering new insights into classics, as well as discussing critical writings on film and active participation in filmmaking by major writers such as William Faulkner.